hello! I'm Coyoteah and welcome to my commissions page!
please contact me if you have any questions!


  • You should pay first and then I will start the commission (I will be going to send you a wip (sketch) that will need your approval to continue!)

  • DO NOT rush me to work faster, the time of the completion varies. (Usually 2 weeks or more)

  • Good references are required (nothing of descriptions or irl photos, those are only with customs)

  • After finished the commission i can do lil edits if they have more to change would cost a 5-10% fee.

  • DO NOT EDIT my artwork,do not repost my art without a proper credit.

  • DON'T claim the work as yours

  • Refunds applicable only if progress has NOT been started. Otherwise a % will be taken out from the refund(s) if product has been started. Refund(s) are not applicable if the product is completed.

  • Every commission will be given in good quality via email or Discord hq link

  • Payments are via Paypal only.


  • Furry ( Anthro / Ferals )

  • Humans ( ask for examples)

  • Gore/Blood

  • Pokemons

  • Dragons

  • Ponys


  • Baby Fur

  • Mecha

  • Armors

  • Feral nsfw

  • Homophobic/Transphobic


click images to get a bigger view of them please!

BUSTS - $35

  • Comes with shades and a simple background.

  • Extra character costs 12$

  • Max 2 extra characters

  • Wings cost extra 4$


  • Comes with shades and simple background.

  • Extra character will cost 15$

  • Wings will cost an extra 5$

  • Max 2 extra characters.


  • You have to choose if you want the chibi anthro or feral

  • Extra character costs 15$

  • Max 1 extra character

  • Complex designs would cost an extra 5$


  • Comes with shades and simple background.

  • Extra character would cost 20$

  • Wings will cost an extra 5$

  • Max 1 extra characters


  • 170$ Type A-Fullbody with front and back view two headshots and two chibi outfit,extra chibi outfit is +15$, wings are +5$

  • 130$ Type B-fullbody front and back view and three headshots. extra chibi with two outfits +25$, wings are +5$


  • wings will cost an extra + $5

  • you have to tell me (preferably) the species, if you want something specific markings or anything, please send a moodboard or aesthetic.

  • usually I prefer of artistic freedom but I'm ok if you want something really specific! i will try my best!

  • The custom comes with a headshot, the fullbody and mini

Micro Macro Coms


  • Including macro bust and chibi micro

  • +10$ extra micro (only 2 extras)

  • +15$ extra macro bust

  • +5$ wings


  • Including Macro and Micro

  • Comes with a simple background

  • +10$ extra micro (only 3 extra micros)

  • -15$ extra macro (only 2 extra macros)

Fullbody with a zoom bubble-85$

  • Includes the zoom bubble for the micro

  • +20$ extra micro including zoom bubble

  • +15$ extra macro

Icons 18$

  • 400x400 drawing perfect for pfp over social medias

  • Simple shades and lights

  • Each character cost 18$ (max 3 connected icons)